Finding freight: where to start?

You have a Gazelle or other truck, and you have decided to make money on freight transportation. This is a good solution and a decent job, which is also well paid. But not enough to have personal ownership of the car, without customers you are unlikely to be able to start their business. So the first problem that will confront you – the search for cargo and dispatcher training.

Imagine that in your city or even a neighborhood of people who have a load that needs to be transported to a certain place. Apartment, cottage and office moving, delivery of furniture and other goods from the store, firms that need a reliable carrier, who can be trusted with valuable goods without worrying about time – here’s a fertile field of activity that will provide you with work until retirement.

What is freight sourcing?
Finding freight represents finding customers who can become repeat customers. If the cargo owners are happy with your work, they will definitely recommend you to their friends, colleagues and relatives. The most important thing is to contact them and offer your services. So, let’s talk about the topic – “how to find a freight.”

“Word of mouth” is considered the best advertising. Let everyone you know and your neighbors know that you are in the trucking business. If any of them need this service, they will certainly come to you.

Post ads on bus stops, poles and entrances, order beautiful business cards and scatter them in the mailboxes in the neighborhood. Place ads in newspapers and on the internet.

How to start a freight search
Searching for freight is not limited to this. It’s a good idea to contact one or more trucking companies and offer them your services. The companies will approach you with orders, charging from 10% for mediation. Of course, you do not want to share, but it is the law of the market – after all, no one prevents then work with new clients directly, without third parties.

The next step in the search for freight – to create a website or group in the social network, where you will advertise their services carrier. This is one of the most effective ways to find freight and earn a good reputation in the market. However, you will have to splurge, because the creation of the site, its promotion in search engines and promotion of the group requires an impressive investment. If the budget is limited, you can advertise on city forums and blogs.

Sending commercial proposals to organizations in your city – another opportunity to find goods. True, you must tell potential customers what makes you different from your competitors. To begin with, you can lure freight owners with discounts and all sorts of bonuses. To find the goods all means are good!

By the way, an alternative to creating a site is a contextual advertising, which costs very inexpensive, but usually gives good results. You can find the goods, calling businesses in the city and offering them attractive terms of cooperation. It is quite possible that in this way you can get profitable customers. If you use all methods at once, something is sure to work! The main thing is to start.

If you are not any good at self-promotion, but professionally transporting cargo, having in your “arsenal” of mental qualities of punctuality, honesty, politeness and accuracy, you need to look for other ways to find cargo. There are specialized sites where the cargo owner is looking for a carrier, and vice versa. This method saves time, money and nerves. If you register on such a portal, it will not be too difficult to find the cargo, because the site to find cargo and transport gathers customers and potential customers who are looking for each other. You will only have to make an effort to become more visible than others.

Good luck finding loads!

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