Features of cargo transportation in the summer

At first glance, summer is the ideal time for shipping. City roads are unloaded at the expense of summer residents and tourists who move to the suburbs or fly away to rest in Turkey, Crimea or Egypt. The volume of cargo transportation is growing, frost does not spoil the mood, and ice on the asphalt does not create a risk of an emergency and does not lead a loaded truck towards a roadside ditch during a speed change.

But how is it that the tariffs for cargo transportation with the onset of summer are not decreasing as actively as the customers would like? What can be transported during the warm season, and what is not worth it? And what obstacles do truckers have to face in June-August in order to safely deliver the cargo from point A to point B?
Cargo transportation services
The freight market grows more intensively in summer than in winter. At the same time, there are certain difficulties in the personnel sector. Few people like to work at temperatures of +30 ° C and above. Therefore, logistics departments have to take into account the increased level of workload and the number of driver’s staff.

The main complicating factor in the summer is heat. Due to the heat and stuffiness, climatic equipment often fails, the body and interior of the car overheat. Cargo transportation services are becoming more and more in demand, but cars are also more likely to “boil” and end up in the service area. The situation can only be changed by timely maintenance and regular monitoring of the condition of the cooling systems.

Road services can also bring down delivery times. Traditionally, in summer, the planned repairs of the road surface are carried out, which must also be taken into account when planning routes for the transportation of urgent goods.

Freight traffic

Economical freight transport often involves the use of standard sheds, bodies and trailers. This is true when it comes to the transportation of building materials or furniture. Cargo transportation services for some goods in the summer often require the use of specific equipment: refrigerators, heat-insulating awnings, etc.

In summer, the most difficult to transport:

confectionery, chocolates and sweets. Due to the high temperature, they often begin to melt during transportation if the interior of the body is not protected from heat and sunlight;
canned vegetables and meat. It is recommended to store them at temperatures up to +25 ° C. The increased volume of cargo transportation can lead to the transportation of canned food in conventional metal trailers at +40 ° C and above;
fruits and vegetables. As well as seedlings and pots with fresh flowers. If the transportation technology is not followed, the plants can wither or damage the root system during shaking;
medicines and household chemicals. Whatever the freight rates, it is possible to transport antibiotics, antipyretic suppositories, syrups and solutions only in special refrigerators.
Trailers with air conditioning and refrigeration units solve the problems of transporting fragile goods that require strict adherence to temperature conditions. Therefore, before studying the freight market in search of the most favorable offer at a price, it is worth learning more about the technical equipment of the vehicle fleets of the applicant companies.

Economical cargo transportation
Economical cargo transportation in summer using refrigerated trucks and tents is also not uncommon. Large enterprises can afford to reduce tariffs in the summer if they have a sufficient number of trucks and drivers.

But do not forget that during the sweltering heat, every day of delay in delivery matters. Choose carriers who are confident in their abilities and have been working in this area for several years. The positive reputation of the company is a guarantee that nothing will happen to your cargo, no matter how difficult the path to the warehouse gate or the store door may be.

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