Cargo wagon shipments

Freight railcars are a convenient and economical way of long-distance transportation. The ramified railway network in our country allows delivery even to those settlements where there is no quality automobile communication.

Different types of cargoes are transported by rail, including loose, liquid, oversized, and hazardous cargoes. Large transport companies offer carriage of joint cargoes by railcars. They talk about it on the truck dispatcher course.

The following types of railcars are used for railroad transportation:

3d illustration of wagon of freight train with containers on the sky background

covered wagons;
open wagons (without a roof);
various types of platforms;
high-capacity transporters;
isothermal wagons;
tank cars for bulk cargo;
hoppers for bulk materials.

Cargo wagon transportation in Russia includes the following services:

Receipt of goods from the warehouse.
Development of the route and plan of loading and unloading.
Delivery to the place of loading on railway wagons.
Loading and unloading.
Securing and sealing of cargo.
Completion of supporting documents.
Monitoring of cargo movement and informing the recipient of the time of his arrival.
Temporary storage if necessary.
Delivery of cargo to the warehouse or recipient’s address.
If there is a need in international railcar transportation, the procedure of declaration and customs clearance is added here.

Advantages of railcar transportation
A developed railroad network in Russia and many foreign countries makes it possible to deliver the goods to their destination quickly.
Large capacity makes it possible to send large batches or multi-tonnage cargoes at a profit.
Safety of rail car transportation of goods in Russia is higher than that of road transport.
Availability of a large number of railcars for different types of cargo – bulk, liquid, perishable – allows choosing the best transport for any commodity.
The disadvantage of this type of transportation is that for delivery to the final recipient in many cases it is necessary to use other vehicles. To compensate for this disadvantage will help a competent compilation of the logistics scheme, which involves various modes of transport with minimization of time for intermediate storage and delays on the way.

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